Progress Panel Beaters uses the latest down draft technology with  three Aer-O-Cure floor filter spray-booths for spray painting. A special mixing room is attached to these spray-booths, ensuring a  dust free and temperature controlled environment for the best surface painting. Flatting and Primer is done in a dry flatting system with controlled extractor fans. All vehicle paint formulas and viscosities are computerized, mixed and checked prior to final application to repaired vehicles.

Incorporated in the laboratory is the use of the newest paint and colour refinishing technology with the latest  high quality R-M , waterborne paints, including the colour pearl.  The waterborne paint is conforming to all international motor vehicle factory approval specifications. Almost all the organic solvents are replaced with water, which makes this technology compliant with even the strictest environmental and VOC guidelines and is thus more environmental freindly.

These specialised R-M, waterborne paints carry a minimum period of 3 years on all vehicles.